Beach Foodie: everyday’s a holiday

IMG_20140106_140814_578 Magical Monday to you! In my photo today, I have a picture of gift wrapping paper. I keep this paper with me all year long and look at it every day.
It reminds me each day is a gift and every day is a holiday:) It’s the start of a new year and this week I invite you to carry the spirit of the holidays with you into each day of the new year. Generosity, gratefulness, good healthy food, magical moments with family and friends can all be yours every day.
Just a little bit of holiday each day makes life so fun. To experience as much joy as we can each day will make every day seem like a holiday. I enjoy my beach runs in the morning and it gives me such joy to start my day..I invite you to contemplate what is already joyous in your life and keep making time for that..and possibly create more moments of magic and joy in your life.
A special walk in nature once a week, a retreat, music, art, can all bring so much enjoyment. Just listening to upbeat music can make your heart sing.
And of course, keeping up your hydration and eating well. Now is a good time to shift into eating healthy to the next level or jumping back in if you stepped off the superfood highway over the holidays:) Any step is a step in the right direction.
May you create many magical moments in your life this week. Joy to you! Love, love, love!


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