Beach foodie: the energy of ” transitions”

img_20170226_165710QMagical Monday to you and Happy new moon! In my photo this week, I share the Oscars party from the Magic Castle in Hollywood. It was quite an event full of surprises.
This week I am using the transitional energy of the new moon to move the Beach Foodie blog to my new website Im calling it “Cfayla’s portal”, a website dedicated to the best in healthy, extraordinary living, incorporating love energy alonf the way. I will blog each Monday as always but will offer a wealth of interesting, fun, and practical ways to live your best life.
I am grateful for my “Beach Foodie” blog of four years and the opportunity to write each week and the lessons I learned from my first blog and my first book.
So this week, i invite you to transition with me to next Monday.
Great joy to you!


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