Beach Foodie: Magical Transitions

IMG_20131224_201000_251 Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I capture the beautiful smile of yogananda’s portrait at Lake Shrine temple. His smile encourages me to smile, and I hope you smile also.
I’m so excited in this transition from into the New Year and a New moon.
Happy New Year and Happy New Moon. This is a good time to contemplate your deepest desires for 2014 and to enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of this year.
I find transitions so exciting. It’s a new opportunity to explore different facets of our mind, body, and soul and consider what enhances our lives; brings us joy, peace, happiness, positive energy.
And a time for reflection and gratitude. I am grateful for so many of the daily joys in my life. I’ve began making it a practice to express my gratitude early in the day so all that is going so well in my life; for health, for great food, great energy, new and exciting activities…The “attitude” of gratitude helps set the tone for my entire day.
It’s feels very restorative. ..
I experienced another magical moment in my first “yin” yoga class at my new yoga studio. It was very relaxing, restorative, with great music.
So this week, I enourage you to take a few moments to enjoy the transitional time this week, congratulate yourself for all you are and have done in this year, and how you will keep the magic “flowing” in 2014. For you are FABULOUS!
Great joy to you! May a massive balloon drop of love come your way this week:) Love, love, love! Cfayla


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