Beach foodie: the energy of “a new cycle”

20160902_125207Magical Monday to you! The positive flow of a new cycle of energy is upon us. In my photo this week, i share a visit to Catalina island airport. I am holding one of their famous cookies. And, i had just one bite and the rest of lunch was half of a grass fed bison burger and sliced organic tomatoes. It seemed like a good time to try to try new combinations and options. I considered this to be a healthy option because i did get one bite of the cookie experience, yet the rest of my lunch was healthy.
I am also writing my third book. Its about the lifestyle of authentic wellness; physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Its a great time to write down your goals and dreams; brainstorming on new ways of enhancing the positive flow of energy in your life.
In the last week, Ive tried many new combinations of positive actions already a part of my life. Its fun to mix things up a bit.
So this week I invite you to enjoy the beginning of new energy, try some new combination of experiences and mix it up a bit.
Great joy to you!


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