Beach foodie: the energy of contrast

20160829_132455Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share the beauty of a photo I received from an actor in my short film. It was a thank you card expressing their gratefulness for having a great shoot and best wishes for future opportunities. And, the next day, they had told a director about me and I got invited to be a part of a feature film yesterday.
The content of the short film was dark, i played a woman who had killed her husband with no remorse. But the energy between the actors, director, and crew was magical, as was the experience of the feature film yesterday.
So, it was a dark film surrounded by light and joy.
In the feature film, i played a yogi and mystic in a futuristic society. I led a 20 minute meditation filmed without interuption or re-takes. It was truly magical.20160827_143203
So, I was able to flow with the positive energy even though the subject and character in my film was dark. Over the past week, many dark things have occurred, that were surrounded by light and ended up with great energy and light in spite of the the dark circumstance.
So this week, i invite you to allow the positive energy to surround you even in challenging circumstances to transform the dark into the light.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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