Beach foodie: the energy of “the good times”

20160815_154541Magical Monday to you on this glorious day! In my first photo this week, i share a dessert and caption from the hard rock cafe at universal studios city walk in hollywood. I ask for a custom dessert with whipped cream and a few almonds and got a beautiful “good times” surprise; a few berries added on the top making a gorgeous and tasty treat. I was eating dinner at 10 pm after a wonderful day at universal studios where i especially enjoyed “forbidden journey” in the Harry Potter area.20160809_145046
Our waitress was fabulous and her positive flow of energy to help us modify a few menu items really made for a good and healthy time for us.
In my third photo, i share a make-shift dessert from cheesecake factory. We had been sailing and got back after dark. Cheesecake factory is close so we went there about 9:30 pm for dinner. I ordered salmon with veggies and off the “skinnylicious” menu and it was great. This time we had a little whipped cream and almonds for a light healthy dinner.
So, this week, i invite you to remember those good times and the people who gave extra effort to give you a fun and healthy experience.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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