Beach foodie: the energy of the “moment”

20160805_183910Magical Monday to you! In my first photo this week, I ahare a magical and healthy moment from a one year anniversary dinner at Geoffreys in Malibu. I created a lighter healthier version of a drink to make a custom dessert to celebrate this energetic milestone. Instead of hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate buttons, I ask for whipped cream for two, a few chocolate buttons, and a few pecans to make a beautiful and light dessert minus the hot chocolate. It was a moment of celebration not only for an anniversary but for a healthy life.20160803_120759 In my second photo, I share “making the most of every moment” energy. I had just finished hot yoga and stopped for an oil change. I needed an air filter too which required a 30 minute wait for delivery. I used the time to do some meditative beath work.20160803_130134 And in my final photo, I show the custom omelette I had made at a bakery one block away from the oil change place. I did a google search for the best restaraunt in walking distance; walked over, ordered a fantastic omelette with mushroom and tomato only and enjoyed lunch at a new place. When i got back, my car had been finished for 5 minutes so the timing was perfect.
Our lives are made up of perfect moments, making the best of the situation moments, and the excitement of the new experience moment if we allow ourselves to be open to the flow of fun positive energy all around us.
So this qeek, i invite you to play with your own special moments; creating them and allowing them to bring fun and joy into your life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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