Beach foodie:the energy of the festival

20160717_190237Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week I share a view of the “Sawdust Festival” in Laguna Beach. I am holding a coffee drink I created called “Hazelnut Delight “. Its expresso, blended ice, sugar free hazelnut syrup blended into a coffee drink with a small amount of whipped cream on top, totally optional. It was quite refreshing and light. For dinner, i managed to find fresh yellowfin tuna with salsa for a healthy and light day of eating at yhe festival.
IMG_20160716_162944in my second photo, i share the stage at Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach where i heard some fabulous jazz while viewing the art.
Festivals are an ancient summer tradition and bring us the time to experience the energy flow of celebration, the beauty of art, and the inspiration of music. Its also the time to enjoy some light, fresh, healthy summer time foods.
Combined with the powerful restorative, yet invigorating energy of the ocean, a beautiful wave of positive energy flowed to me through the combination of these magical experiences.
So this week I invite you to experience the energy of a festival and of the beauty of nature surrounding the festival, and possibly creating your own festival for a positve wave of energy to come your way.


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