Beach foodie: the energy of “nature”

IMG_20160708_040001Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week I share the beauty of Santa Monica beach in the early morning at low tide. The energy from nature created its own beautiful reality that morning. Connecting with nature in the morning connects me with the energy flow of a new day of positive energy possibilities. The peace and beauty create the space for a magical day.
20160707_220914IMG_20160708_035037In these two photos, nature brings the energy of the night; the first photo was at 10:30, the sailboat photo at 3am. The nature of the night is a time to connect with our dreams and the “wee” hours of the morning can connect us with perfect peace, stillness which allows us time to connect with our inner self.
The beauty of these “nature” experiences gave me a great sense of joy and peace. After viewing the beauty of the beach on my run, i was in awe and inspired all dsy. I felt a sense of gratitude for the beauty I felt from the clouds and water.
The sailboat at 3am was quite enchanting. I took my first night time paddleboarding excursion and it was amazingly calm, a very restorative energy.
So, this week i invite you to connect with the beauty and fabulous energy of nature which in turn can nurture you and lead you to your most fabulous life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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