Beach foodie: happy july 4th!

20160701_202004Magical Monday, happy new moon in cancer, and happy july 4th! In my photo this week, i share “Stanley “, a new furry friend who showed up on my doorstep this last week. Stanley somehow found my place at 10 pm last Tuesday. It was obvious he belonged to someone so i fed him some sardines in water. His collar had a phone number so the next night when Stanley showed up i called the owner from the phone number on a little heart attached to his collar. It also had his name and “do not feed me” on it. The next morning the owner sent a text. She was out of town and hubby was caring for the animals. Stanley is an indoor/outdoor cat and very friendly. He is on a special diet because of “tummy” trouble. Seems Stanley took the opportunity to “break diet” and go on holiday. The owner said he was fine. After eating sardines at my place he went back home. Next evening he shows up again at 8 pm on my doorstep like he was starving. Great cat actor also. He didnt get food but i did pet him. He also tried to move in.
So, today, if you ” break” diet its ok. We all have a little “stanley” inside us.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love! Cfayla


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