Beach Foodie: the magic of *patterns*

20160519_17044720160522_19212720160523_075542Magical Monday to you and Happy Full Moon! Mercury has went direct and the energy supports us taking action in our lives. In my photos, this week I share the energy of patterns; new patterns, old patterns, and cut out patterns. In the first photo I am wearing a new dress with a cut out pattern that is really fun to wear. It is a perfect time to try out new fashion, new creative energies, and new positive flow of energies. Another new flow of energy this week was attending a small film festival in Santa Monica where I experience meeting several *Indy* filmmakers. For this red carpet, I wore a pattern which has worked well in the past; red dress, black jacket. So, the energy can also be a combining of new patterns with old patterns. Changing up the mix a bit can bring positive energy into our lives.
In my third photo, I am having fun this morning experimenting with a new tandem kayak. The design allows you to paddleboard from the kayak as well as kayak at the same time. It was quite fun to learn how to paddle with kayak oars and move the kayak around. Weighing only 38 pounds, the kayak is lightweight, yet ocean going. I have already used it with a kayak-er behind me while I was paddling in front and we managed to stay in the kayak for about a 45 minutes paddle.
So, this week I invite you to explore new patterns, mixing them up with your old tried and true patterns, and exploring the fun of learning a new skill or *pattern* to inject some fun energy into your life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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