Beach foodie: the energy of welcome

20160505_11051420160506_140050Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week, I share the energy of WELCOME. The first photo is my yoga headband which fell onto my chair in the shape of a heart last week. I felt it was so amazing I wanted to share the picture. In my second photo I share a pretty pink plant given to me as a gift. I decided to share it as a welcoming sign of positive energy on the steps outside my door; spreading a little beauty into the world.
As Jupiter turned DIRECT today, positive energy is once again flowing to us. It feels like a great time to send out love and beauty into the world. Smiles have been crossing my face all day and I am feeling grateful for all the expressions of love and happinesss flowing my way. I am finding so many people giving a little bit extra right now to bring happiness to others. My hot yoga instructor shared some great new music today in our yoga practice. When I went to the Asian market today, I ask for some salmon and had 2 nice little pieces prepared especially for me. It is these small little expressions of kindness and positive energy which make me especially grateful.
So this week, I invite you to share your joy and love in small ways and to enjoy the positive energy flowing back to you.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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