Beach foodie: energy of the “reboot”

20160429_19563120160429_223834Magical monday to you! In my photos this week i share the 2nd annual Malibu Guitar Festival. Along with my photo, i share Richie Sambora performing on Friday night.
He played to a very small crowd, playing some old favorites, and remixes of some great songs.
And this fits perfectly with the energy of mercury retrograde which started April 28 and lasts through most of May. It is a time to readdress issues that seemed to be closed and now have entered into the energy of our life. It can be a time to do your own “remix” of past events, bringing a positve flow of energy to the event.
In Richie’s performance, he seemed to really enjoy the freedom of playing in a small venue and experience the fun and joy it brought him.
In my journey, i am enjoying and embracing the idea of “remixing” past events with a positive spin.
So, this week, i invite you to “remix” past events which come back to you during retrograde with a positive energetic “spin”.
Great joy to you !
Love, love, love!


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