IMG_20160328_143142272IMG_20160326_151422355-2Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week I share a fun fact I learned this weekend about raw coconut oil. I had a high fashion shoot in Hollywood with a theme of “Paris; black and white”. The makeup was heavy black makeup to reflect the theme of “black and white”. The scene was attending a Paris garden party. After the shoot I was trying to come up with a healthy and easy way of removing the makeup with a natural product that would be safe for my skin. When everything else I tried wasn’t really working well and I had black makeup all over the sink, I decided to give my coconut oil a try. The makeup glided off my face immediately and I used a little more coconut oil for a moisturizer around my eyes.
So, I learned a little bit about the energy of creativity and trying many solutions until one finally works.
In addition, to “make-up” for a photo shoot this weekend, I experienced quite a bolt of energy on the full moon and lunar eclipse that prompted me to make an immediate change in my life. Because I allowed myself to “go with the flow” of the energy, I was able to let go of what was not working and at the same time, “make-up” a solution that worked much better; a new way of being.
So, this week I invite you to “make-up” solutions along your journey and to be open to trying things in unique ways.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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