Beach foodie: the energy of “reforming”

IMG_20160314_120016197_HDRMagical Monday to you! In my first photo this week, I share a photo of me on the “megaformer” at my Pilates studio getting ready for Level 3.0; the most difficult class. It’s so much fun to be able to “reform” the body and also “reform” our energy on our journey through life. I love the aspect of being able to be “at one” with the reformer and the challenge of the class. I’m not really a “level 3” but I can make it through the class with some modifications; “holding my own”. This feels very empowering to me because I’m able to push past my limitations easier in the more difficult class. As odd as this seems, sometimes when we embark on a challenging path energetically, we move forward faster. I feel being in the harder class gives me a “blueprint” on how to best “reform” my body by showing me the ultimate path and goal Im working toward.
IMG_20160313_184248-2And, in my second photo I share some of my favorite”green” things in honor of St. Patricks day on Thursday. I’ve always loved Irish folklore and the fun of celebrating this holiday. There are many items in the photo and this was to give an idea of combinations of healthy foods and drinks I find appealing. From my long time standing favorite of raw cocao to my new favorite of Matcha tea and raw Aloe vera H2O, I am continually enjoying my quest and journey of healthy eating with some “green” thrown in for good measure.
So, this week, I invite you to enjoy the holiday and to experiment with challenging yourself with “reforming” energy in your life; even small “tweeks” can energize your life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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