Beach Foodie: the energy of the “matcha” experience

IMG_20160229_204848415Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share the tools of one of my new favorite experiences; drinking “matcha” tea from Japan. The magic of the “matcha” tea energetic experience is not only the benefits of drinking matcha tea but the “meditative” process required to make the tea. In the photo, you see the cup, the tea strainer, the bamboo stir tool, and the matcha tea. The tea is a green “powder” loose tea and sits on top of the strainer. The hot water is poured over the tea, then the bamboo stir tool is use to “fluff” the tea mix into this beautiful green beverage full of antioxidents. It is best to pour hot water into the cup before this process to insure the cup is “ready” for the tea. This process is actually very meditative and relaxing, requiring full “presence” to make the tea.
The taste of the tea isn’t unpleasant but it is different. Matcha tea is full of chlorophyll. It is also very benefical as an aid in losing weight and to detox. I drink matcha straight first thing in the morninng and sometimes have a cup in the afternoon. It’s great for energy without a big “spike”; just nice energy.
So this week I invite you to try some matcha tea for the nutritional benefits and mediative benefits of the experience. My strainer and cup were $1.50 each at the Asian dollar store which added to the fun of the experience.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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