Beach Foodie: the “energy of the Seed”

IMG_20160228_231122626-2IMG_20160227_143840057Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week, I share the energy of two “seeds”; the energy of the “seeds” of the mind and the energy of the “seeds” of physical action.
It has been a wonderful week of exploring seeds. The photo of the gardening equipment is a tangible instrument for planting physical seeds of opportunity in our life which transform the existing energy around us to make something new and vibrant in the physical world.
In the photo at an Oscar’s party last night, we embrace the energy of the change of the “mind” and thought processes through the powerful impact media and entertainment can have on changing the world and planting the energy of a new “seed” of the mind.
Seeds are the a tiny spec of energy which enable us to blaze a new path with the awareness of mindfulness and focus on tending to the seed. As our life journey unfolds, we continually plant and nurture the seeds of our most vibrant, positive, energetic life
And, just like the garden tool, the tools of healthy eating, movement, meditation, and uplifting experiences are our tools for transforming the seeds into being and creating an “energetic garden of our life”.
And celebrating the achievements of the “seeds of thought” through sharing in the joy of the Oscars, helps us to embrace the powerful seeds of thought in our mind to create a positive flowing energy for our life.
So this week, I invite you to plant some seeds of the mind and seeds of the physical to enhance the “energy garden” of your life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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