Beach foodie: the energy of a “little extra”

IMG_20160202_133430988_HDRIMG_20160208_121859Magical Monday to you and Happy Valentine’s week! I share a few photos this week from my trip to Las Vegas and the “little extra” energy I received during my journey. In the first photo, I stopped at a Starbuck’s for a blended “ice coffee” with splenda and “whipped cream”. This is not on the regular menu so I always explain how to make it. Not only did the girls behind the counter make the drink for me; they made too much so they gave me everything in 2 cups for only $3.25 Not only did I get my customized drink, I got fabulous service and the “extra” coffee to go with a smile.
In my second photo, I share the view of a great candy store in Las Vegas. I loved the “look” and fun energy of the store so my little extra to you is to send a photo of “Valentine” energy via the photo. All during the week, all the staff everywhere was so friendly and smiling. This “little extra” love energy made the entire week’s experience so much fun.
So, this week, I invite you to send out a “little extra” love energy; maybe just in the form of a smile or a kind word. And, in this week of celebrating love, I wish you a “little extra” love coming your way.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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