Beach Foodie: the energy of “acceptance”

Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share a “new coat” of fresh paint over some stones in
my bathroom. The idea is to transform the space by choosing a calming color much like the color of a beautiful sea. And in the process of repainting my space over the weekend while attending a conference at the same time, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the energy of “acceptance”; accepting what is happening when it is not what i had “intended” to happen or wish had happened.
Last night at 10 pm I came back to a messy apartment, not totally painted, and in chaotic condition. Today has been a journey in accepting and flowing with the energy of “acceptance” and moving toward a solution that establishes an energy of calm and beauty to my space. As I write today, I am still in the middle of reaching for the serenity of the “color” of paint I chose.
And, I am smiling as I share this with you, for I am having the opportunity to reach for the energy flow of “calm” and acceptance in the midst of the storm.
And, so I invite you this week to flow with the energy of “acceptance” for what is happening in your life and to flow toward the positive energy all around you.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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