Beach foodie: the energy of “the tour”

IMG_20160116_145441454Magical Monday to you and wishing you a happy holiday. In my photo this week, I share a view from the “culinary garden” at the Getty Villa museum in Malibu. The villa has a garden filled with herbs for cooking, medicines, fruit trees, and olive trees. It also has a small pond filled with fish. The culinary garden provided much of the food for the inhabitants of the villa in ancient Italy. The pond was a “staging” pond for fish brought from the ocean so they woud be “on hand” to be prepared for meals.
Tours are a wonderful way to expand the flow of our energy and “tap into” a slice of life different than our own. Whether we are touring ancient villas or futurist museums, tours can span our horizons; bringing in a new flow of energy into our journey. The culinary tour highlighted how important gardens and fresh food have always been to healthy living. Fig trees were also thought to bring good fortune in Italy and are planted today in order to continue this positive ancient custom. The grapes in the garden were used to make wine and also provided beauty in the garden. The “culiinary” garden was in a separate part of the villa grounds and was separate from the “ornamental” garden whih contained “sculptured” trees and flowers to provide grace and beauty to the villa.
So, this week, I invite you to take a “tour” to expand the positive flow of energy into your journey and bring beauty into your life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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