Beach Foodie: the energy of a “new do”

IMG_20160107_133243765IMG_20160107_150345046Magical Monday to you and Happy New Moon! In my photos this week, I share highlights of my first visit to a new hair salon for a “new do”. The energy of this salon was like a beautiful energetic flow; the first phase was the “color” and coffee service, second phase was the cut; accompanied by a second coffee(or tea) service.<IMG_20160107_174502323And, the final phase was a “new do”, shown in the last photo.
The energy in the New Year and New Moon is much like creating a “new do”. It a time when it is beneficial to take some time to plan, setting the tone for the proess of manifesting your desires in February. This is also the time of Mercury Retrograde until Jan 25, so it is a good time for patience, some reflection, and taking the time to write down your goals and desires for the new year. And, like the proess of the creation of the “new do”, this is the first step in having all your dreams come true.
Its also a great time for cleansing; both physically and through meditation.
So, this week I invite you to take some time to write down your goals, flowing with the eneregy of creativity, patience, and the magic of the journey.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love,


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