Beach foodie: the energy of “fantasy”

IMG_20151031_221554IMG_20151031_221342822Magical Monday to you and happy November! In my photos this week, I share a few shots from the Paris masquerade party I attended on Halloween. I went as a burlesque dancer and the energy was so much fun to dress up in costume from another time and space. Before the party, we went to dinner at the “little door”. It felt like I was transported to Casablanca for dinner. The menu was French but the vibe was Moroccan. Finally, we ended up at the “Rocky Horror picture show” at the Malibu playhouse.
All these experienes were magical in there own unique way, giving me a chance to experiences the energy of other cultures while having Halloween fun. The energy flow of these unique venues began a creative flow of energy to set an intention to visit Morocco in the future. And, just the proess of finding a costume was very fun and a positive energy experience. I ended up going to dinner with a “baron” who owned a vineyard in France. It was quite fun to stay in character.
So this week I invite you to step into other cultures via costumes, cultural events, or meeting people from other cultures to broaden your experience and bring fun positive energy into your life.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!
Cfayla w


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