Beach foodie: the energy of “space”

IMG_20151026_070254988IMG_20151026_100007Magical Monday to you! In my photos, this week I share the magical energy of “space” and the transformation of space to bring about greater energy flow. This past week I transformed my living space into a “mini” studio apartment by first removing everything from the space; then bringing back in what would better serve me. In a very real sense I moved this week; out of my space and back into it with furniture that worked much better for the space and greatly helped in organizing my things and finding a “home” for all my items. I have noticed a tremendous flow of postive energy, not only in my space but in other areas of my life. This new space has allowed space for other energies to flow free in my life including creativity, freedom, calm, and excitement at the same time. I also feel the energy of a broader range of opportunity and joy able to flow into my life.
There also seemed to be a momentum to the energy; once I began the transformation of my space, all the necessary components to make it happen fell in place. It was my initial action that attracted the energy and circumstances in my life to allow the completion of my “move”. Although this was a challenging time in my life to move, once I committed with action it became complete in spite of the challenges.
So this week I invite you to experience the energy of “space” by bringing more”space” into your life by removing those objects that no longer serve you and creating the space for transformation; whether it be a physical space or the space for more fun and creativity in your life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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