Beach foodie: the energy of “connection”

IMG_20151012_130720Magical Monday to you and happy Columbus day! In my photos this week I share the energy of connection; connecting with nature and color in our world, and the connections with good friends. In my first photo, I am visiting Busch Gardens in Tampa. The folage and color were amazing; I’m standing in front of a butterfly sculpture. IMG_20151009_144724In my second photo, I share the energy of “Handsome”, a young lion at the cat habitat in Sarasota. He is a beautiful majestic animal. IMG_20151010_071448325In this final photo, I share the color of Siesta Key Beach. We have many opportunities to connect with our world, whether it is admiring the land by visiting a park or garden, connecting with animals, or connecting with the beauty and vibrancy of water. Each of these elements brings us positive energy and allows us to connect, receive, and flow back energy with our environment. The magic of each one of these connecting moments brought me joy, vibrancy, calm, and excitement.
And on Columbus day, it reminded me of the energy of “connection” with discovery and adventure as well.
So this week, I invite you to connect with your environment and immerse yourself in enjoying the land, animals, water and create your own adventure on this magnificient earth.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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