Beach Foodie: Ground hog day

IMG_20150930_100539Magical Monday t o you! This week I am still on Monday and having a two day “ground hog” day repeat of Monday’s energy. In my photo this week I share a wine from Baja California where Iwas touring L.A. Cetto winery in Ensenada Mexico on Monday. It was quite a fun experience and I was happy to extend that energy flow until today when I was back and could write about it. The winery also produces fabulous green olives and awesome merlot, shiraz, and many other exotic chocolate candies. The wine corks are from a champagne brunch on the balcony of our room and two wonderful “sail away” wine dinners paired with lobster while watching the ship sail away from our ports.
IMG_20150906_065818491In my second photo, I share the energy of roses and the beauty of nature. I happened to be on a sailing weekend giving me the energy of the water as well as the beauty of nature.IMG_20150906_072953762_HDRIn my third photo, I share an unusual whimsical boat at Marina del Ray. It reminds me to watch for the energy of the unusual and whimsical and how it can connect us to the energy of creativity.
These energetic experiences are part of the “magical miscellaneous” energies which make life fun, bring the energy of novelty, nature, and beauty into our lives.
I invite you to have your own “ground day” experience by energetically extending a special fun day for two or three more days in your life. And, I wish for you the celebration energy of wine, roses, or your own special celebration experiences.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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