Beach Foodie: the energy of “magic”

IMG_20150906_181024807IMG_20150906_072443165_HDRMagical Monday to you and Happy Labor Day! In my photos this week, I share a little magic with you. Yesterday, I was invited to Magic Castle in Hollywood and it was an amazing experience. I had a wonderful dinner and got to see four magic shows. My favorite show was called “smoke and mirrors” and it featured an “oracle” who was amazingly funny. It was alot of magical energy flowing and fabulous illusions. Illusions, smoke, and mirrors can be powerful energy flows in our lives. Sometimes we have illusions about our lives and some smoke and mirrors. However, the illusions can bring powerful positive energy to our life if we allow ourselves to experience positive illusions; using our imagination to create the relaity that we want. Energy “mirrors” can refulect back to us the energy we flow out and allow us to be able to “fine tune” our energy by being able to have awareness of the energy we send out.
N my second photo, I share a view of Marina del Rey Marina shortly after sunrise as I was beginning a nice paddle in the Marina and out to the oceanfront.
It was truly a weekend of magical experiences.
This week I invite you to embrace the magic in your life; the illusions, and “smoke and mirrors” to create the reality you want for your life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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