Beach Foodie: the energy of “shadows”

IMG_20150822_172213058Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week I explore the energy of “shadows”; the shadows we see and the shadows we experience “energetically”. This photo was taken at sunset at “Moonshadows” restaurant in Malibu at our table next to window facing the ocean. It was an absolute delight to experience the views of the ocean at Moonshadows and feel the energy from the ocean as we literally sat “over the ocean”. IMG_20150823_002720In my second photo, I share the shadows, the energy and the flash as i took a picture through the mirror of our table and the ocean. It turned out to be quite an interesting photo between the color of my “goldfinger” dress and the way the “flash” presented itself in the photo.
And this leads me to ponder the energies of the “shadows” and “flash” we experience along our journey. This month in particular several projects, relationships, and energies have came back into my life in a different way; showing me the shadow side of energy. Shadows can reveal the opposite or more full expression of a relationship, project, or goal we have. It can uncover “Blind spots” in our perceptions of a situation or path along our journey and help us to bring the most postive energy toward meeting our goals and desires; or accepting that it may be time to release or “let go” of certain things in our life that are no longer serving us. The flash in the “goldfinger” dress reminded me that we will have inspirations and “flashes” of understanding along our path that may be unexpected but tremendously helpful in bringing forth the miracles in life when we are truly following our path
So this week, I invite you to explore your shadows and your flashes for understanding, new perceptions, and new miracles in your life.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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