Beach Foodie: the energy of “gloe”

IMG_20150813_171610323Magical Monday! In my photot this week, I am introducing two best friends;
“S.” Pellegrino of European descent and “Aloe” Gloe from California. Both have strong alkaline in their “genes”; in fact they believe they could be related in some way. These two wonderful friends are very good to have in your life. Ms. Gloe is a fabulous organic Aloe drink made in California. She has a very reasonable price and has LOW sugar, yet very tasty. I found her hanging out at the liquor store across from Santa Monica beach right next to the organic cucumber juice. She is very outgoing and got a great recommendation from the owner of the store. “S” Pellegrino is a great Italian guy; he is not in the least acidic and is highly respected as a wonderful water. He is very good for your energy because he is so alkaline.
It has been very warm and humid in Santa Monica and these two friends have helped me stayed hyrdated and keep the energy high. In fact, I do believe they help me “gloe”, just like a “glow” stick but an internal glow. They are very good friends with many of the Brut champagnes I’ve been trying and also are great colleagues of some fine dry red and white wines.
So, this week, I invite you to consider these two friends to help you maintain your “gloe”, stay alkaline, and keep your energy high with adequate hydration.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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