Beach foodie: the energy of “adventure”

IMG_20150808_070722159Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share a new “magical miscellaneous” experience; an adventure in the Santa Monica mountains. The photo was taken around 6am on Saturday morning after we had been hiking for 30 minutes. The energy of “adventure” was flowing. We completed a beautiful 10 mile hike in the mountains right in the middle of Los Angeles. The trails we were following go all the way to the oceanfront and come out very close to where I live. We didn’t see anyone for almost the first hour and then it was only a few men on their bikes and a large hawk or two. Early in the morning it’s still chilly in LA. I dont have any hiking clothing so I improvised with my rash guard and a little vest to keep me warm.
It was a magical, fun walk with great conversation with a new friend. It reminded me of how a new “adventure”, especially in nature can renew positive energy for us, “restart” our energetic button, and transport us to a “different” world for a couple of hours outside of our routines; and if we are lucky it will be in a short driving distance from home.
So this week I invite you to explore your own “adventure” energy with a hike in nature, a swim, or a “magical miscellaneous” experience to bring in the flow from “adventure”.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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