Beach Foodie: the energy of “patience”

IMG_20150730_06455146820150731_214007Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week I share the view of my new favorite paddleboarding spot; Malibu pier at “first light”. It has taken awhile to find the perfect place for my level of paddleboarding expertise and required the “energy of patience”. This energy is so important to the positive flow of energy in our lives and living deeper, meaningful lives. It occurred to me earlier this summer I wasn’t paddleboarding as much as I would like because I still hadn’t found a spot on the Pacific just right for me. I put my flow of energy into finding a new spot and just happened to check out “Malibu pier” again. This time the spot seemed just right for me and I’ve paddled several times in the mornng since then. I also had to be accepting of being at the pier at “first light” to get a great parking spot. I refocused my energy on a long term goal and activity I wanted to flow more into my life and it with patience it did appear with ease and grace. I have found the energy of patience so valuable in moving to a new city. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the perfect fit and if we just keep our energy flowing positive, redirecting, and reassessing, we can often have our desires flow to us.
In my second photo, I celebrate the energy of the lights at the LA county museum of art. It was one of those “magical miscellaneous ” experiences. A wonderful dinner, a great jazz concert, and playing among the lights.
So this week I invite you to explore the energy of “patience” in your life and allow your energy to continually flow toward your goal with the energy of knowing what you want will come to you. And, wishing you “magical miscellaneous” experiences this week.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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