Beach Foodie: the “energy of “gratitude”

IMG_20150724_192327276Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share an affirmation called “I am Hearty”; a raw pizza from the “Gratitude Cafe” in Venice, CA. All the items on the menu are affirmations. I also ordered “I am Vivacious”; kale chips; and “I am Joy”, a raw coconut chocolate. The restaurant was alot of fun and we combined it with two whites and one red wine. And, this foodie fun reminded me of how important the energy of gratitude is to our lives; to continue the flow of positive energy into our lives and attract beautiful, positive experiences into our lives.
I begin each morning with a gratitude meditation and have taught myself how to wake up and express my gratitude for life and the dawn of a new day as soon as I awaken. It sets the tone for each day; in fact, gratitude can “reset” our energy and attitude anytime we need or want to increase the positive flow of energy in our lives. I find “gratitude” is one of my “foundations”; as important as the food I eat and proper exercise.
As, a side note I wanted to mention an app for meditation one of my friends is using called “Buddhify” which is really helping him with his beginning meditation practice. Ten minutes a day using this fun little app is helping reduce stress and bring positive energy back into his life.
So, this week, I invite you to touch the energy of “gratitude” in your life and increase the positive flow of energy and fun factor in your life.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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