Beach foodie: the energy of “whimsical”

IMG_20150708_142052827Magical Monday to you! In my first photo this week, I share an outdoor “public library” in the Silver Lake area of LA. This delightful little library is located in what looks like two little houses made especially for the books. There is an “open” sign so you know when you can check out the books. Sometimes we find the most positive energy in the most magical places. This little library is in a neighborhood near a yoga studio I was visiting and I just happened to walk by one day.IMG_20150712_182218678In my second photo, I share a “grower champagne” from France. The restaurant is “Malibu Farms”; an organic restaurant located on the Malibu pier. I choose a wonderful Miso Salmon. The most surprising dish was a side of “beets and quinoa” which was quite good. It looked like pink roses and was quite tasty. The wind was whipping in from the ocean which explains my “wild” hair.
To be whimsical and embrace little “treasures” of energy can add so much positive flow to our own energy. Viewing the little library on the way to yoga lifted my energy and my spirits knowing someone took the time to create such a gift for children. The foodie experience at “Malibu farms” was whimsical and magical. All the food is local and showcases the wonderful produce and seafood available locally. There is something about the energy of organic local food that is sustaining and nurturing; not only to our bodies but to our souls.
So this week I invite you to connect with the “whimsical” energy in your life and surroundings and to notice those little gems of love and energy given by so many wonderful people.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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