Beach foodie: the energy of “wine and song”Beach

IMG_20150626_190237497IMG_20150626_214845740Magical Monday to you and Happy 4th of July this week! In my photos this week, I share my experience of my first wine auction and tasting. I’m pictured with Chris one of the wine experts who gave me a wonderful pour from a 1945 Burgundy. This was an amazing experience; the sediment was still in the wine. The wine tasted very vibrant and alive and the sediment smelled like soil. I felt like I was taken straight to 1945 France when I smelled the sediment. It was very emotional in a positive way. This wine was popular with the soldiers that year and I’m amazed the taste and the energy was still in tact from that time. FB_IMG_1435539999814In this next photo, I share a picture of singer/songwriter Abby Cubey, who was the featured singer at the “Celebrity Dancing for the Stars” charity event Saturday evening at the Omni in downtown LA. She has an amazing voice and it was fun to be a part of her performance.
As I experienced these events this week I was reminded of how much “wine, song” and the “magical miscellaneous” experiences can add so much positive energy to our lives, broaden our perceptions and prospective. I felt a great “energetic joy” especially when I connected with the energy of 1945 France; it was truly magical.
So this week, I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating, enjoying the energy of your own “magical miscellaneous” experiences.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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