Beach Foodie: The energy of beauty

IMG_20150612_082603IMG_20150615_133914666_HDRMagical Monday to you! Happy New Moon tomorrow and the summer solstice this weekend. In my photos this week, I share one new discovery in the energy of beauty and one timeless beauty product. My new discovery was a customized organic mineral foundation tinted for my skin for the summertime. There is also a tint for the winter. In addition, I was joyfully introducted to a new organic mineral eyeshadow and tinted primer. In the second photo, I feature one of my favorite foods that is also one of my favorite beauty products.
The energy of what we put on our body can be as uplifting to our energy field as what we put in our bodies. Unrefined coconut oil is wonderful as a skin moisturizer, to clear any skin blemishes, and is wonderful for your scalp. The organic mineral makeup is a perfect way to bring the energy of color and minerals to your skin. Along with a tinted primer, you can create a “new” you customized for summer or winter.
This is also a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of summer and nature and to embrace the energy of resting, playing, and enjoying a few lazy days of summer.
This week I invite you to enjoy some coconut oil on your skin and scalp, try a few new organic minerals for a new look and to enjoy the beauty and fun of summer.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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