Beach Foodie: the energy of a “classic”

IMG_20150607_1143225162015060795151456Magical Monday to you! In my photos this week I share one of my “magical miscellaneous” experiences. I was a model and driver for a classic car auction in Newport Beach yesterday. It was amazingly fun! I got to drive several classic cars on the auction block and then back to the parking staging area. The cars in the photo are a 1972 Mercedes Roadster and an OLD thunderbird.
The energy of a classic car or any classic item can inspire us and provide so much fun and energy exploring what it would have been like to have driven one of these cars or had a certain experience. The keys for the thunderbird were tempermental but it drove pretty well once I got it started. The cars were really hot because none of them had air conditioning.IMG_20150607_121033311In fact, in this photo, the Mercedes had the “fresh air” option.
My favorite car to drive was a 1961 purple Cadillac; a little bit like steering a boat. Being on the auction block was quite an energetic experience. I stayed in the car while it was being auctioned and all the noise and movement were amazing; all the doors opened, trunk and front opened and the fun of the car being auctioned as I sat inside.
So, this week I invite you to have your own “classic” magical miscellaneous experience and some “fresh air”.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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