Beach Foodie: the energy of “plane” food

IMG_20150601_152123Magical Monday to you and Happy June! Tomorrow is the full moon and we are in the middle of Mercury retrograde. And, true to the retrograde energy, I wasn’t able to download some spectacular photos of my foodie experiences last week in Las Vegas. So, in my photo, I am sharing a shot of my “standby” foods when I travel. All of them come in very handy on the plane and can be eaten just about anywhere. I combine the raw hemp hearts, natural peanut butter, and truvia to make a great little snack; high in protein, good sources of fat, and low in carbs and sugar. The sardines are always a convenient food if I need a quick protein snack along the way. They are high in B12 and a nutritious little snack.
It was a “magical” foodie experience in Vegas. I stayed at Aria and had dinner at “Alize”, a French restaurant and “Sage”, one of the many restaurants in the Aria hotel. The salads were fabulous in both restaurants as well as some wonderful seafood experiences. I ask for mushrooms instead of rice and it worked out perfectly.
And, another thrill was an unexpected private yoga lesson before I was off to the spa. I was so happy to see Aria is adding a “juice bar” store and had many healthy choices for meals. You could get made to order omlets and crepes along side the candy and several great fresh fruit selections.
So, this Vegas trip turned out to be a healthy one; great healthy food, yoga, working out and spa, some pool cabana time, a great show, and a “blackjack” lesson. The energy of travel helps us “reset” our energy, taking us into a different environment to relax, have new experiences and come back with a different awareness of our home.
So, this week I invite you to “reset” your energy by taking your own trip, whether local or a little further away.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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