Beach Foodie: the energy of a “french kiss”

FB_IMG_1431972844197Magical Monday to you and happy Memorial Day! In my photo I share the scene at a Beatles Tribute, a fun concert that was a “living” memorial to the Beatles. And, in addition to celebrating the Beatles this past week, I also attended the premiere of “French Kiss”, Marriott’s second short film staring Tyler Ritter and Margot Luciarte. It is the second venture of Marriott’s International Content Studio. The 23 minute film takes place in Paris and is a “magical” story of a corporate guy in Paris on business who finds himself chasing a mysterious French woman around Paris in order to recapture his laptop which suddenly got wings and started flying all over Paris. The special effects are amazing, its a stunningly beautiful film about finding love in Paris in the midst of a corporate conference. The energy is joyful, loving, and captivating and gives you 23 minutes of fun. It will be playing in Marriott’s, on line, and in select theatres. If you have time for 23 minutes of whimsical, magical fun, I highly recommend it.
And, that brings me to the energy of love, tribute, rememberance. Whether you are remembering the Beatles, a trip to Paris, or loving memories of families and friends today, the energy of a good memory can make us smile, rekindle positive energy, and give us incentive to keep creating the magic on our life journey.
And, so today and this week, I invite you to pay tribute to the loving memories, the magic in your life, and to making more magic in your world.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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