Beach Foodie: the magic of “sustainability”

FB_IMG_1431211905199Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, courtesy of Bob Delgadillo, I share a photo of me on the red carpet at “Sustainatopia”, Patricia Arquette’s fundraiser for her charity, “Give Love”. It was a wonderful event focusing on sustainable products which support the environment and healthy living as well bringing together people who have an energy to support such a beautiful cause. Organic wines, raw food snacks, and a tequilla bar where some of the fun items to be savored. And, in the midst of meeting so many fabulous new friends who care deeply about the earth and other people, it reminded me of the gift of “sustaining” ourselves.
Giving energy to ourselves in healthy ways including our time, what we eat and drink and who we choose to meet and enjoy “magical moments”. The energy of sustaining is a nurturing energy that when applied to ourselves to keep us happy and healthy automatically flows positive energy to others. A happy body, mind, and spirit radiate to others and encourage them to also sustain themselves.
This week I invite you to spend some time sustaining yourself in a new way and feeling and sending love and nurturing to yourself.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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