Beach Foodie: A dream and a feather

IMG_20150330_131521Magical Monday to you and Happy April! In my photos this week, I share two gifts I received this week. The first is a dream catcher and it came just in time. With the new energies we are experiencing it’s a perfect time to capture and focus on your deepest dreams and desires and to let the dreams that no longer serve you to “release”. The dream catcher captures the “bad” dreams in the web and allows the good dreams to come through the little opening in the center. And, the positive energy in your life will flow to you as you focus on what you truly want in your life. I also find myself continually grateful for the beauty of our life journey and all the wonderful postive energy that flows to us in so many ways.
IMG_20150330_131548The second photo is the second gift I received of a “Feather”. To receive a feather is a sign of respect and honor in the Native American tradition. They represent freedom, power, wisdom, honor, trust, and strength. And, all of these energies I share with you this week to bring these qualities into your life.
And, finally, these gifts reminded me of the greatest gift of all; the gift of each other. Sharing our love energy and our good fortune, our joy with others, will in turn flow more of the same energies to us.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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