Beach Foodie: The energy of “spring time play”

IMG_20150319_191137921Magical Monday to you! And Happy Spring! In my photo this week, I share my celebration of the first week of spring. A friend and I are enjoying a bottle of his fantastic wine at a European style bistro in Santa Monica. The energy of this experience was so fun because we could bring our own wine to the bistro. In fact, my friend brought 3 different bottles of white wine and 3 glasses each for our own private spring time wine tasting celebration. It was quite fun with 3 different wines and 6 glasses on the table. An “over the top” creative effort on his part. Which brings me to the energy of spring. It is so wonderful to use the fabulous new energy of spring and the new moon to bring joy, fun, and creativity into our lives.
And, time for play. I’ve been playing around with all the new supplements I’ve been trying as a part of an anti aging documentary film. On Sunday, we did a group commercial to kick off the film and finished up our segments. We had so much fun filming and it truly was the energy of play. I also had an audition for a Chinese tv show being filmed in LA this spring.
It feels like the energy of creativity, play, and adventure is flowing to us in this first week of spring and a new energetic cycle.
So, this week I invite you to play, create, and enjoy the flow of positive, fresh energy of spring.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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