Beach Foodie: The energy of the “sample”

IMG_20150316_120726670Magical Monday to you and Happy St Patricks week. In my photo this week I share a sample given to me when I was shooting an “anti aging” documentary film this past week. The lipstick has a mirror and a “light” that you switch on at night so you can apply your lipstick in the dark. So fun! IMG_20150316_120714623In my second photo, I share a collection of awesome skine care products given to me to sample while we film.
And this brings me to the energy of “the sample”. Sampling new products, ideas, people, and other energy flowing to us can invigorate us, ignite our passion for life, and sometimes even set us on a new path.
In our wonderful world where the energy is constantly flowing, we can tap into the energy of the latest innovations in making our lives even better, yet we dont have to leap into the energy fully. Testing the waters can give us a flavor for the energy of a new experience yet not fully incorporate it into our lives until we see if we get positive energy from the experience.
In the case of the lipstick I love the idea of the mirror and the light; and I would like a different color… The skin care products are wonderful and I am combining them in all sorts of magical ways to see what happens.
So this week, I invite you to sample something new and expand the energy coming into your life and have the fun of “sampling” transformation in your life.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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