Beach Foodie: The energy of the “spare”

IMG_20150309_125816911Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share a view of my “spare” tire which got put to good use late this morning when I had a flat tire. And, all this morning I was surrounded by the energy of the “spare”.
Love and kindness from other people flowed my way this morning and I was grateful for their “spare” energy to help me. This magnificient energy started this morning when I received a kind call from a lady at a networking event who wanted to return my hat to me which I had forgotten yesterday afternoon. We had a lovely phone conversation and I arranged to meet her close to my home.
On the way, I had a flat tire. I called another friend who is a fashion designer and mechanic and he just happened to be available to come and change my tire right at that moment. I was able to walk to the coffee shop in Santa Monica, have a lovely in person conversation and retrieve my hat, then walk back to my car just as my other friend showed up to change my spare tire. And, not only that, he arranged to purchase a new tire for me and is putting it on my car this afternoon.
This wonderful energy reminds me there is plenty of “spare” energy is the universe to help a friend in need and I was the lucky recipient of this energy this morning. And, both people were so nice to me, they didn’t act like it was inconvenient and they didn’t seemed rushed although I know they had busy schedules.
And, best of all I was able to be back in time to write my blog and share this wonderful story with you and was reminded that all the love energy we flow to the universe does come back to us in the most delightful ways. I am truly grateful for this energy.
So, this week I invite you to enjoy the energy of the “spare” when it comes to you in the most unexpected ways. And when you have a little “spare” energy for a smile, a positive attitude or any of your other “love” energy to flow to the universe, I hope it comes back to you in delightful ways.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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