Beach Foodie: The energy of the “climb”

IMG_20150226_210602094Magical Monday to you! In my first photo this week, I share a view of my indoor rock climbing instructor scaling the wall at the end of our class. The energy of his climb was almost effortless with just the rght mix of energy to climb a hard path and yet conserve his energy for other uses. Durng this third class I was amazed to learn simple techniques and approaches that make climbing so much easier and conserve your energy so you are able to do more difficult climbs without injury.
This journey of rock climbing has reminded me of the energy of going with the flow, using smart techniques, and conserving energy for all of life’s climbs. Rock climbing using proper climbing techniques is like a ballet, without the knowledge of how to climb it can be exhuasting and no fun! And so it is with our journey in life. Some paths seems so difficult but with a different prospective, a little more knowledge, we can enjoy so much more ease and grace; feeling much more positive energy than if we continue to keep using the same ineffective or difficult approach.
I have also changed yoga studios and my second photo is a message on the sidewalk right outside the studio in Hollywood.IMG_20150227_174916446_HDRi”Love me always” is great energy for loving ourselves always and in turn flowing out the positive love energy to others.
In my final photo this week, I share a scene from a USC short film scene I was part of on Saturday. IMG_20150228_131933197_HDRThe energy of “creativity” is also a “energy climb”, the climb to bring something forth into the world which will energize the planet.
So, this week, I invite you to take your own “energy climb”; using your energy with ease and grace, flowing with life, and creating a fun, loving energy for yourself.
Great joy to you!

Love, love, love! Cfayla


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