Beach Foodie: the energy of the “after party”

IMG_20150222_140034589_HDRMagical Monday to you! In my photo this week I share my Pre-Oscar snack I managed to have between hot yoga and Oscar time. It’s bullet proof coffee and Quest chips. The bulletproof coffee contains cocoanut oil and grass fed butter which are blended with organic coffee. It is suppose to increase your metabolism and give you a nice energy feel for up to 8 hours. It was actually very good, creamy, and had a wonderful taste and consistency. The quest protein chips had a nice crisp texture and I appreciated the protein with very few carbs and calories. A perfect snack before a long party.
And that brings me to the energy of an after party where we celebrate our achievements. By celebrating the energy of our successes we attract more success to us and share the “goodwill” energy feelings with others. There is a wonderful synergy of energy which flows out during a magical moment of celebration based upon our achievement of a goal that was once a dream, a manifestation.
Our “after partys” can be as frequent as we desire. Smaller achievements celebrated with an after party flow positive energy to the continuing energy of achievement. Smaller successes build into a lifetime of success, change, new beginnings and goals, and increased excitement in your life.
So this week I invite you to have your own “after party” , your own “red carpet” and celebrate your unique accomplishments and goals.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love!


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