Beach Foodie: The energy of fashion

IMG_20150210_133906969_HDRIMG_20150210_140423439_HDRMagical Monday to you and Happy Presidents day! In my photos this week, I share my first visit to the fashion district of Los Angeles. The first photo shows me carrying my custom evening gown pattern made out of duct tape and on the other side were 6 evening gowns we were using as “patterns” for evening gowns to wear to red carpet events. In the second photo, I am modeling one of the “pattern” evening gowns for the seamstress to use for the actual evening gowns. After that, we went to the material stores in the fashion district to buy the material for my “custom” evening gown. I will be modeling the evening gown at red carpet and charity functions.
And so this brings me to the energy of “fashion”. And what is that? Fashion is the energy of creation, manifested into beautiful clothing which is worn to create beauty, glamour, and fantasy. When I am wearing a beautiful evening gown which feels and looks fabulous, my energy of happiness and excitement is transmitted to everyone I meet. Fashion can be a sharing of the fabulous energy of creation.
And, the fun part is also the process of creation. Whether you are “fashioning” an evening gown, a perfect meal, the perfect project, or object, there is an energy of creation and a process of transformation where you take a fabulous idea or a “pattern” and you make something beautiful and tangible to bring to the world.
So this week, I invite you to “fashion your creation” for yourself and the world and to bask in your energy of fashion and creation, and may your fabulous energy flow to all those around you.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love! Cfayla


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