Beach Foodie: The spice of life

IMG_20150209_092559Magical Monday to you and Happy Valentines week! In my photo this week I share two of my favorite spices; red pepper and cinammon. I have always loved the taste and flavor sensations of spices and the enjoyment and energy spices bring to our food. I choose red pepper and cinammon because these are the spices I have been craving and using most lately.
Both may be used in a variety of ways and combined for an interesting “hot and sweet” taste sensation. Red pepper has health benefits such as helping with metabolism and weight loss and is very good for pain relief. Cinammon also has many health benefits such has increased heart health, blood sugar regulation, and boosting brain function.
And, both are great for making a cute Valentine heart! After I finished my heart, I took the red pepper and cinammon and pour the mixed spices over a piece of homemade raw chocolate. It gave a wonderful taste to the raw chocolate, adding a slightly sweet and spicy taste.
Another use for both spices are flavoring for protein, raw veggies, and to mix into nut butters.
This week I invite you to enjoy the “energy of love” as we celebrate Valentine’s day. And I invite you to experiment with some spices to add “spice into your life” and bring the energy of flavor and taste to your life.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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