Beach Foodie: Animal energy

IMG_20150128_195709Magical Monday to you and Happy Full Moon. In my photo this week, I share a snapshot of two of my favorite neighbors; Gigi(white) and Cash(golden). Girl and boy they are always happy to see me. There dog run is in the parking lot for my little place so they frequently greet me in the morning as I’m getting in and out of my car. I ask to take their picture and feature them in my post this week.
Pets are so fun and bring a wonderful feeling of love and energy to our lives. There joy and energy of the present moment always bring joy to me. A pet can be a wonderful way to tap into our own feelings of love; self love and love for everyone around us. A pet can be a very calming influence for us, just a few minutes of interaction and play can be our “animal meditation” for the day, bringing us laughter, joy, and peace. Sometime animal energy can be amazing. There was a huge brown seal sunning on the beach this morning, perfectly happy and content to get some sun. He was resonating such beauty and joy and it looked like he was smiling. For those of us who got to experience this, it brought a huge smile to our faces.
When the energy gets hectic on the planet and full of turmoil, a pet can be a constant source of positive energy for us, a time for us to regroup daily and a positive time for the pet also.
This week I invite you to enjoy your pet or other animals that live close by you.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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