Beach Foodie: Go go Soup

IMG_20150112_132853Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share one of my favorite ingredients for a fast and fabulous “noodle” soup, I call “go go” soup because it is quick, easy, nutritious. I begin with the noodles which are 10 calories per serving. I rinse the noodles in warm water, heat water up, then add the heated water to the noodles so they aren’t overcooked. From there, depending on my mood, I add chopped organic raw celery, organic tomatoes, artiichoke, and heart of palm for a fabulous low calories, tasty, nutritious food.
Sometimes I add organic chicken to make a “chicken noodle” soup. Last week when I was on vacation in Santa Barbara, I made the soup in about 5 minutes in the hotel room before we left for “Santa Claus” beach and a full packed day in Santa Barbara. This soup is also great for a light, filling dinner.
The energy of travel always brinngs magical experiences. Last week, I did some fabulous wine tasting on the pier, tried “backyard bowls” with acai fruit, and went indoor rock climbing. The energy was fabulous and the weather was perfect. I adored rock climbing. It’s like a dance and very engaging; I found you have to be present every minute.
I invite you this week to try your own version of a healthy “go go” soup for a light, filling, quick, and nutritious meal.
Great joy to you!
Love, love, love! Cfayla


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