Beach Foodie: The energy of ” be me” and unique fusions

IMG_20141228_091238IMG_20141219_164023521Magical Monday to you and Happy 2015! In my photos this week, I share my “nordic look, including beanie” for a chilly beach run as well as a photo of a “2015” art design on the ocean. The energy now feels so wonderful and it’s a great time to consider what is possible for you in new year. The energy is supporting you becoming and being your best authentic self “be me”.
You are a wonderful energetic gift to the universe and it is now a great time to consider how you can further “tap” into your greatness of spirit and rise into your best version of yourself.
While I was contemplating this lofty energetic goal, I got inspired for another fun treat. It’s called “chocolate mint bark fusion”. IMG_20141228_085303089_HDRIt is a fuion of unrefined cocoanut oil, raw cacao, a small amount of truvia, all combined with a few organic blackberries on the top and 1/4 piece of chocolate mint candy for crunch and beauty. It’s a fusion of mostly raw with just a tiny amount of candy to give it that “chocolate” bark texture and feel. And, it truly is a “joy to the world”. It’s a wonderful time to create as we enter the New Year.
Finally, I leave you with a beautiful view of a “Christmas Eve” sunset looking at MalibuIMG_20141224_170317991_HDR
This week I invite you to enjoy your New Year celebration and celebrate your uniqueness of spirit.
Great joy to you! Love, love, love! Cfayla


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