Beach Foodie: The energy and power of “softening”

IMG_20141214_145209840Magical Monday to you! In my photo this week, I share my first motorcycle photo shoot from yesterday. And, it was amazing fun! I was so lucky to have a wonderful hair stylist at the shoot to give me some “soft” curls. It’s amazing how a little “softening” can transform the energy of a photo and our energy in general. It was a fun, light hearted energetic shoot and the curls helped me bring a fun, different energy into the shoot.
And, it occurred to me that in this busy holiday time, if we could all take the time for just a few moments to soften our energy, being our loving, light, child like energetic selves, how much joyous energy this will bring to our entire holiday experience and prepare us for the new year.
IMG_20141215_145155And to help us maintain our joyous flowing energy this month, I have included a photo of a tonic drink I tried for the firs time today with apple cider vinegar, beet, and probiotics. It’s very refreshing and tasty and comes in several flavors.
I invite you this week to take a few moments each day to soften your energy, bring yourself back to the present and connect with your joyous child like spirit to refresh you and renew your energy. I also hope you have the chance to try a healthy tonic drink along the way!
Great joy to you! Love, love, love!


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